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Cooperativa Fábrica de Ideas de Aibonito (FabIDEAS Coop), is a project that has received the support of Institute Nueva Escuela (INE), an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the public education system in Puerto Rico through the Montessori philosophy.
FabIDEAS Coop is an initiative of the community linked to the INE public school S.U. Pasto in the rural town of Aibonito. FabIDEAS Coop aims to create an economic model in which a cooperative of Montessori materials with five initial members serves as an economic engine for the production and distribution of educational products and children furniture. Each additional member of the community that joins the production guild can learn product design and gradually increase their income source. FabIDEAS will act as a hub for education in distributed manufacturing for the students of SU Pasto and also act as an emergency shelter for community members.


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MIT Digital Currency Initiative

As with the Internet, blockchain technology has the potential to affect all aspects of business, from supply chains, to financial transactions, to audit trails. We can imagine a tipping point at which growing numbers of customers start to demand the autonomy, openness and new value-generating potential of digital currencies and blockchains.
That’s why the MIT Media Lab launched the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. The goal of the DCI is to bring together the brightest minds at MIT and elsewhere to conduct the research necessary to support the development of digital currency and blockchain technology.

Yale Open Innovation Lab

The Yale Openlab develops and incubates disruptive open source projects that seek to address the most pressing big picture challenges. To navigate such an ambitious mission, it combines interdisciplinary frameworks on holistic thinking to understand complex problems, propose and build solutions designed to catalyze transformational change. The lab focuses on leveraging emerging technologies in systems that can harness the power of human collaboration.
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