There is one entity on openx that acts as a parent entity for entities on other platforms - the "User" entity. This entity contains fields that are required for maintaining cross-compatibility with other openx based platforms. It also contains handlers for all cryptocurrencies supported by openx. Users can undertake multiple roles in an openx-powered platform:
  • Investors
  • Recipents,
and more depending on a platform's utility. Openx leaves the requirements for these roles to the builders of the platform.
Users in openx can be of two types:
  • Individual accounts: Individual accounts are held and represented by one individual.
  • Company accounts: Company accounts are held by one individual but represents a company. KYC requirements for a company account differs from that of an individual account. Public keys for both company and individual accounts are the same.
More types can be defined in the future if required (platforms can define more types as well)