Opensolar has multiple entities, each performing its own role:
  • Investors: Investors invest in projects listed on the platform. Investors can vote on projects they like and on changes to be done after their investment is finalised.
  • Recipients / Receivers: Receivers with the help of originators list projects in need of investment on the platform. Receivers are the end beneficiaries of projects listed on Opensolar. They may be co-operative societies, non profit organisations or individual entities. They are responsible for
    • Creating a project with the help of Originators
    • Receiving quotes for a project with the help of Contractors
    • Installing the project with the help of Developers, and
    • Paying the Investors for their investment in the project through a period of time.
  • Originators: Originators propose projects that might add value to receivers. They work with receivers to prepare a preliminary project plan that contractors can bid on.
  • Contractors: Contractors bid on projects and give a quote based on the requirements specified by the receiver and originator.
  • Developers: Developers install and maintain projects on behalf of the receiver. Developers are paid according to their level of post installation support and the amount of time and skill required to install a project.
  • Guarantors: Guarantors provide a failsafe guarantee for investors against receivers who default on payments.
  • Platform Administrators: Admins review listings made on the platform and act as arbiters in case of conflict.
Last modified 3yr ago