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    Easy proof handling and refund system: Giving an entity proof of a transaction is as simple as giving the hash of the pre-signed transaction id. When the transaction is broadcast, the entity can see the transaction on the blockchain, calculate its hash and compare it with what they had to ensure they weren't defrauded. Refunds are also easy to process since they only involve deletion of the pre-signed transaction
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    Security and Decentralisation of Bitcoin-L1: Due to Bitcoin's high PoW, a pre-signed transaction that is broadcast can almost never be reversed if the receiving entity waits for a given period of time.
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    No stablecoin: This model does not involve a stablecoin, and people need not trust third party vendors.
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    Big partner ecosystem: Bitcoin has a lot of partner companies which are looking to improve different aspects of using and getting on to Bitcoin. Since the model does not use a stablecoin, the platform can build more on core Bitcoin functionality without worrying about third party stablecoin providers
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    Improved functionality: Bitcoin has more opcodes than Stellar, and the platform can look to implement more complex functionality.